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God's Powerful Work

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These are stories from people who have experienced the miracles produced by faith through the works of ACTS Ministries. Many have been from the hands-on demonstrations that we teach at our speaking events including Treasure Hunting, HOTS, Spiritual Gifts, and Empowered Lifestyle. 


We recognize that we are vessels of the Holy Spirit, all of this is done in love, and in all our training and demonstrations, we focus on giving God the glory!

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Cynde's Story

"I had pain in my hip so bad that it hurt to sit for any length of time. I asked Brad and Ariel to pray for me. A warmth came over my hip and the pain left. I give God the glory that now I'm able to sit, walk and stand without any pain!"

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Pam's Story

Pam fell into a campfire and had 3rd degree burns. She had constant pain and wore a special brace. I asked her to remove the brace and allow me to pray for her in Jesus' name. This is her, a moment after God healed her and removed the pain. The scars remained, but all pain had gone!

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Gabe's Story

Gabe was at a men's retreat, walked with a severe limp and used a walking stick. I prayed for him in Jesus' name and all pain disappeared. I had him check it out. He was completely healed and could even touch his toes!

ACTS Ministries Treasure Hunting

"Brad and Ariel Wolff introduced me to a level of trusting God that I had not experienced before. We did Treasure Hunting, where we would listen to the promptings of Holy Spirit leading us to specific places and people to minister to. I had hearing loss in my right ear and after Brad prayed for me, I could hear again! Brad and Ariel have a passion for winning souls for Christ and it's evident in every area of their lives."

ACTS Ministires Testimony

What is Treasure Hunting?

Treasure Hunting is an exciting model for witnessing that uses clues (words of knowledge) to find the ultimate lost treasure, people, whom God wants to bring into His kingdom. The goal is to find specific people who need a divine encounter of His goodness expressed in signs and wonders, miracles, healing and prophetic insights that call out the gold in them.” -Kevin Dedmon, Treasure Hunters ‘N Training


“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” Matthew 13:44

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Mary Beth's Story

Mary Beth was helping me at Lowe's and apologized for moving so slowly as she retrieved something up on the ladder. She'd had foot surgery, was in pain and had not recovered. I prayed for her in Jesus' name and all pain left!

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Michael's Story

Michael was my cashier at Lowe's and was wearing a wrist brace due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I asked him to remove the brace so that I could pray for him. He did. I reached across the counter and prayed

in Jesus' name and he was healed in just a moment!

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Denise's Story

Denise was my cashier at Harbor Freight Tools and was wearing a wrist brace. She took off her brace, allowed me to pray for her in Jesus' name and was instantly healed from carpal tunnel syndrome. Here she is 1 year later!

But as for us we cannot refrain from speaking of the things which we have seen and heard

Acts 4:20
ACTS Ministires Testimony

Zach, 7 years old, was diagnosed with Perthe's disease, a rare disorder where the head of the femur stops growing, decays and slowly begins to heal itself. It was a diagnosis only 3 months old. It can affect one or both legs, and usually lasts 2 to 5 years. Zach's left leg was shorter and caused him pain, so he used crutches. While training this church in Empowered Lifestyle, I prayed for him in Jesus' name and his left leg grew out! Two days later he came skipping into his dad's bedroom and said, "Dad, my legs don't hurt anymore!" They took him to his Orthopedist 6 days after prayer, who took another x-ray and measured his femurs. "Your femurs are now the same length. That's remarkable!” she said. And when she showed them the x-rays, it revealed that the femur was now recalcifying (growing bone). "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!" she said.

Alexa Young, CA

Remember His marvelous works and wonders which He has done

Psalm 105:5
Video Testimony

Eddie's Story

At a men's breakfast in 2017, Eddie asked for prayer for his heart. As I prayed for him, I saw tears run down his face. "What's going on?" I asked him.

"I just got my peripheral vision back!” 

"But I was praying for your heart," I said. He explained, "What I didn't tell you is that I'd had a stroke and lost my peripheral vision a while ago and it just now came back." Everyone in the room began to laugh at how God had healed his eyes when we prayed for his heart! I believe that God healed what was seen in order to demonstrate that He had healed his heart, which wasn't seen.

Alexa Young, CA

But His word is in my heart
like a fire shut up in my bones 

Jeremiah 20:9


ACTS Ministires Testimony

Darryl's Story

Darryl hurt his back when we were working together. He allowed me to pray for him in Jesus' name and his pain instantly left!

I said, "Now touch your toes." He did and exclaimed, "I haven't touched my toes in 40 years!” He fell when he was 5 and broke his pelvis, was in a body cast and healed crooked. When he was seated I saw that 1 leg was shorter than the other. So I commanded the shorter leg to come out in Jesus' name and it did! He checked it out by walking and said, "I don't waddle like a duck anymore!"

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Dawn's Story

Dawn was diagnosed with sarcoma and was scheduled for major surgery where she would have lost 3 months of work. I asked her permission to pray for a miracle instead. She permitted me. So, I invited the presence of Holy Spirit to come upon her, then I broke the word curses and agreements spoken over her health in Jesus' name and released healing to her instead of disease. Two weeks later, the tumors had shrunk so far that she only needed a minor procedure done as an outpatient. This was her face when she told me. She lost no work! Yay God!

ACTS Ministires Testimony

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer, a friend from work, suffered from migraine headaches. After 2 days of no sleep, she was quite miserable but I sensed that God wanted to demonstrate something different for her. 

Without placing my hand on her shoulder, I was impressed to say, "It has to go!” Speaking to the condition, I said, “Your time is up. You can torment her no longer, in Jesus' name." I then told her what I was sensing: "You feel like you're standing under a waterfall right now and this peace is flowing over your head." She said, "That's right," and she was healed in a moment. Yay God!

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