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Did you know that you can

Most assuredly I say to you he who believes in Me the works that I do he will do also and greater works than these he will do because I go to My Father

John 14:12


Experience Miracles Everyday

ACTS Ministries Empowered Lifestyle

Live Empowered by the Holy Spirit

ACTS Ministries Healing


Your City

The kingdom of God is not in word but in power

1 Corinthians 4:20

ACTS Ministries Transform your City

People are desperate. 

Your city is waiting and ready for change. Now is the time to empower an army of believers with the demonstration of the Gospel which includes living a supernatural lifestyle outside the four walls of the church.  

Learn how to go from a passive believer to an empowered, Holy Spirit filled world changer. It's really that simple.

The Spirit of God lives in YOU!

The same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead lives in you

Romans 8:11

We'll help you...

ACTS Ministries Evangelism

Practice Effective Evangelism

ACTS Ministries Empowered Lifestyle

Live An Empowered Lifestyle

ACTS Ministries Spiritual Gifts

Operate in Every Spiritual Gift

ACTS Ministries Praying

Establish an Altar Ministry Team


Be Kindled in Your Identity in Christ



Operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

GO and Change
Your City

ACTS Ministries Ignite Equip Activate

 "If you know who you are in Christ, You will know what you're capable of. If you know who Christ is in you, you will know what He is capable of and you will be unstoppable!"
-Brad Wolff, Founder ACTS Ministries

ACTS Mninistries Brad Wolff

Our Founder

Brad Wolff

Our Mission

To equip and empower everyday believers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

To take the Gospel of the Kingdom OUTSIDE of the church walls and INTO your city.

"Brad Wolff is an excellent and engaging teacher of the Word of God. He not only raised our church's awareness of God's desire to heal, but equipped our folks on how to do it. The fruit of his ministry is still being felt months after his training."
ACTS Ministries Endorsement for Brad Wolff

Rev. Joseph Ciccarello
Church of the Intercessor, Malverne, NY

Inner healing brings physical healing

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